Thursday, November 10, 2011

W Newborn and Family Photographs {Lisa Rappa Photography | Atlanta Photographer}

   Just like w/their maternity session, I truly enjoyed my time with this family. I am so happy for them and their beautiful baby girl is just perfect. She is so smile-y already and it really seemed as if they were purposeful smiles too! You can tell she is very content and happy to be with her mom, dad, and big "sister" (aka really cute dog) now. And of course one of the many great things about having a baby girl is dressing them up :)


BillandCarla Butcher said...

You have captured the grace & beauty of Laynie, Jaime, & Chas, (and Stella, too!)

Kimberli said...

Lisa, Breathtaking!!! Love the first image, the hand bridge. Wow. the little hat is too cute! Thanks for the Inspiration! :)

Vickie Schultz said...

Just beautiful, so happy Jaime & Chas choose you as their photographer you truly have a gift in capturing the perfect shots. I love them all.