Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Let's Do 52, Week #1, "Sharing Daddy" {Lisa Rappa Photography | Woodstock, Ga Photographer}

52 Week Project Photo Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions PSE

      Many of ya'll know that last year I signed up for a 365 project where you take a photo a day for a whole year. I was determined to complete that goal, but with business taking off and being the mom of two toddlers, after about 6 months I bowed out. I didn't have much spare time and when I did, I really wanted to focus on my babies and not just through my camera.

   One of my many goals this year is to get better at time management overall and to continue to put my littlest loves first...always.  However, I did really miss the inspiration that I found through the photographer friends that I made during my project and the push to think outside of the box when taking daily photos. So, I have decided to join a Let's Do 52 project with Paint the Moon Photography, which will inspire me with weekly themes, but not make me crazy since it's just a photo a week. I think I can handle this one. Of course, I found myself struggling this week to find the time to squeeze a personal photo in and it's only week one, ha.

    Anyhow, I highly recommend this type of project to anyone interested in photography. I learned so much last year with having an outlet to explore new styles, different subjects, new techniques and especially by stepping outside of my comfort zone at times with self portraits, etc. And even if you just own a point and shoot and could care less about the technical side of photography, it's still a fun way to document a year. You should sign up and if you do, let me know! I'd love to follow your project too. I'll be posting my weekly themed shots in the Flickr group and also here on my blog for those that are interested!

    This week's theme options are "sharing" or "natural". I have been busy working this week, but decided to bring along the camera for a stroll with A and D to the pond and trail in our neighborhood that we love exploring. I thought surely I would find something "natural" at the pond. Yet of course my camera kept finding it's way back to my kids...I just can't help myself sometimes. I got a few shots that were technically so MUCH better than this one, but when "Daddy" joined us after work and my kids faces lit up, I knew that sharing would be the theme of choice for me. I often think about how they have to share our attention and love. Luckily, neither seem to mind too much(most of the time)!


Rebecca Doyle Photography said...

This photo speaks volumes! Love it :)

The Zookeeper said...

Love it of course!