Thursday, February 2, 2012

Let's Do 52 Week #5, "Fish Faces" {Lisa Rappa Photography | Woodstock, Ga Photographer}

52 Week Project Photo Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions PSE

    One of this week's themes is "Self Portrait With Loved Ones." I am not a big fan of self portraits, but I decided to go with this theme b/c I am rarely in front of the camera and I want my kids to have pictures to look back at that include me every now and then too. And well honestly, this one just kind of happened and I knew this week was going to be another busy one, so I used it. 
   On this particular day, earlier this week, Dominic had been napping on his little pad in "Mommy's Work Room." This has been our new thing. He can nap in here w/ me or we just have quiet time while he plays with letters and such, and I get just a little work done. Since there is none of that to be had while Miss Ashlyn is awake :) She can't resist pulling out each and every prop in the room of course. So, Dominic had actually fallen asleep on this day and I got super tired myself and tried to lay down next to him to close my eyes as well, which of course lead to him waking up. Anyhow, he looked at me and said he wanted to "do pictures," and of course I obliged, got the remote and we made funny faces at the camera. I liked this one because I just love his little fishy smile, and it's (without too much focus on me). Remember, this was TIRED time, so I look it and he's got bed head. And I was totally caught mid-fish face- I can do better! :)

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