Friday, March 9, 2012

Delia's 16 Months Old Session Peek {Lisa Rappa Photography | Marietta, Ga Family Photographer}

   I always have a great time working with this cutie and her family. She is 16 months old and full of spunk. She reminds me of a certain little girl that I know pretty well actually ;) This age w/ all little ones is truly enjoyable and I get a kick out of the show of personality, the newfound independence, and the MANY expressions! We started this session outside in Marietta Square and braved the cold as long as we could, but then we decided it was a little too cold for comfort and headed back for some studio shots (and Delia and I totally bonded- such a fun girl!)

Toddlerhood... ;) This may not be the "framer" from this session, but I can't help but favor it a little b/c it's just so "real" and as the mom of two toddlers, I know sometimes you just have to laugh when they aren't quite on the same page as us! :)   

Don't be fooled...this her "infamous" look and she was all smiles within seconds :)


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Rebecca Doyle Photography said...

hehe!!! Yup - she is full of spirit that one! And I love that you have captured her true essence in these photos.