Friday, June 8, 2012

Bella Blooms Boutique!

This post is LONG overdue. I told myself I was going to become a better blogger and have totally slacked! I guess first and foremost my focus is on my pictures and my clients, BUT I do hope to eventually get to a point where this blog is also informative to those not awaiting peeks too :) 

  So for that reason, I have slowly been working towards giving some "shout outs" to some fabulous vendors that I just love, and I have worked with Bella Blooms Boutique for quite sometime now and can honestly say, Lori ROCKS! 

   I give this "review" with total honesty... her "clippies" and headbands are perfect! They are beautiful, unique, and very well made. I have had many in my prop stash for about a year and none have come apart- NONE. And with handmade hair items that I have seen it is rare, especially with the way my toddler treats them and with all of the use and travel to and from sessions when I throw everything in my car somewhat haphazardly. They have definitely stood the test of time. And even better they stay put in my daughter's hair without fail! 

 One of my favorite features is that she makes newborn headbands with a special hook for them so that I can use a clippie on newborns for pictures or I can use just the clippies without the headbands on babies and girls with more hair. It's especially nice when photographing a newborn to be able to switch out the clippies without disturbing the baby to take on and off different headbands.  LOVE! 

  So all and all- the fact that Bella Blooms' items are totally precious and fancier than the everyday hair pieces makes them beautiful to look at, but they are also very practical to use and I highly recommend these to other photographers and mamas like myself. I stick one in Ashlyn's hair any chance I get :) 

Here are some random images with Bella Blooms in use on some super cuties, but you can find out more at ...

** More vendor favorites can be found under "Random" on my blog home page.

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