Monday, September 2, 2013

2013 CM Blog Circle/Personal Project: "Motion Blur" {Lisa Rappa Photography| Atlanta, Ga Portrait Photographer}

  This month's theme for our Clickin Moms blog circle challenge was Motion blur. Since I work with fast moving toddlers a lot I typically am trying to reduce the motion blur w/ a higher shutter speed, so this was definitely a different way of shooting for me.  Here's a helpful article that I found from Digital Photography on ways to capture motion blur: Motion Blur. I did not really plan ahead well while out shooting for myself, so didn't have my tripod with me for these and since I was shooting lower shutter speeds I would set my timer so I could let go and not cause camera shake--not the kind of blur I was going for. I did do this first image in a previous month, but wanted to include it since it went along with our topic so well. 

  On the bike one...I set my camera on the ground and lowered the shutter speed as much as I could 
  without overexposing and did get some good motion blur around his legs, but I wanted a little more  
  ooomph to it, so I cheated and added a blur filter in photoshop and masked out the areas I did not want 

Still subject...motion-blurred river 

      Trying to freeze a butterfly in flight and keep up with which direction it's going to go so you can   
      focus on it is hard, very hard...resulting in a great motion blur picture for your blog circle project  
      instead ;)

Check out the talented Michelle's Motion Blur HERE


Judy Whitmore said...

What great examples! Love the blur of the moving water!

Cary said...

These are great! The motion of the water and the color with the butterfly are gorgeous :)

Holly Thompson said...

Lisa, that water image is gorgeous. I've been wanting to do an image like that but I'm waiting on a neutral density filter first. Great job being creative this month, I enjoyed every single image!

Claire Lane said...

Great job with the theme! Love the waterfall!

Debbie said...

Beautiful images! I love your waterfall shot!

*Michelle Barnes Photography* said...

Such great variety, Lisa! Love all the shots. I can't pick a fave :) I too have been wanting to try a waterfall image like yours. Nice job!