Sunday, October 20, 2013

Piper's 6th Month and Family Session Peek {Lisa Rappa Photography | Roswell, Atlanta, Ga Baby Photographer}


  What's better than getting to work with a family for a baby's first year? Getting to work with them for two babies first years! I just adore pretty Piper and I enjoy seeing her happy little personality shine though more and more w/ each session. It's also a treat to get to see handsome big bro Will throughout his 2nd year...I think he's catching on to a lot of my "tricks" now too though, ha ha. Both are such cuties and their parents are pretty much awesome to work with every time too of course.

   I know it probably sounds a little silly to some people when I say how I get a little "attached" to my regular clients. I'm sure some of ya'll probably think "geez, you just take their pictures." And some of them probably think that too! But for me I feel like I get to know them even more through the camera in a way. I don't know... Anyhow- I do so love this family and getting to capture the love between them is always a blast!

Cute pumpkins, compliments of Piper's creative Mommy Morgan :)

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