Wednesday, January 1, 2014

CM Blog Circle 2013: Put Yourself in the Picture (Personal Project)

   Over the past year I have participated in a blog circle with several talented photographers and fellow members of Clickin Moms. I've loved getting to know them through our project and can't believe we're wrapping up 2013 already! I do wish I had invested a little more into the monthly themes, but in being so busy with both my professional and personal life I know I definitely didn't put my "all" into them. I do however hope to do a better job of that in 2014 whether it be through the blog circle or other projects, one goal of mine is to challenge myself and also get back to capturing more of my own life and loves too. And that means stepping in front of the camera a bit more too (something I avoid a lot), which brings me to this month's theme: Put Yourself in the Frame.
    When I discovered we had to be in front of the camera in December, a hectic holiday month where I'm sort of spinning and sleep deprived I was not all that excited, but I am glad to have had the push to do so a couple of times and these special visual memories I'll have forever because of that. I hope to do more planned and posed self portraits this year, but for this month I stuck to getting myself in the picture a couple of times with my little loves and the help of my timer for one, setting the camera and having someone else take the photo for another, and then by using my iphone for our silly "selfie."  I do think it's so important that we all get in front of the camera more often...for our kids, families, and mostly... for ourselves.

Happy New Year to all of my blog circle friends and thanks for the support this year! Can't wait to see all that you do in 2014 as well!

Thank you to the nice lady who took this with my camera for us!:

Using the timer on my 5d Mark II:

And with my iphone:

Be sure to go check out the beautiful Michelle Barnes HERE


Holly Thompson said...

Lisa, you are beautiful!!! I love that you included your dog and children in these images, that will be such a treasure to them when they are older. I adore your iPhone image... so much fun and silliness... what life should really be all about. Thank you for participating this year. You have grown so much and it's been a joy watching you.

Cary said...

Gorgeous Lisa! I adore the sparkler image :) It has been awesome to see your interpretation of our monthly themes this year! Happy New Year!

Judy Whitmore said...

Oh Lisa I love these! The last one is my favorite, so fun and perfect! I had so much fun visiting your site each month to see what you had produced! Many blessings in the new year!

adel vardell said...

Lisa, let me just echo what the previous commenters said... you are gorgeous. And I love ending this project with images of all you inspirational ladies!

PS... I will be at Click Away (yay!) and I saw you were on the schedule. I hope to meet you in person in September! Your work is just breathtaking!


Rebecca Doyle said...

You always look like you are having such a fun time with your beautiful bubbas! Love these shots :)

Claire Lane said...

These are just so fun and natural - that's a real gift! I've loved your work this year Lisa