Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bellevue Avenue | Daily Fresh Blend Actions Set {Lisa Rappa Photography | Atlanta, Ga. Photographer}

So, although I haven't used actions in quite sometime, I was SO excited when I saw that Bellevue Avenue was releasing a new set called Daily Fresh Blend! I have reached that place w/ my work where I'm totally comfortable, blah - and I reach this place every so often and know it means I'm getting boring and need to step outside my comfort zone and try something new, whether by taking a workshop, trying a new lens, etc. 
   Getting to be a tester for these amazing actions was the perfect push I was needing and I am officially hooked! They really are just perfect for me b/c while I like getting "artsy," I would describe my style as being natural and clean for the most part. These actions allowed me to play around and see what a little extra edits could bring to my images without taking me overboard.  They are extremely easy to use and can be combined in so many ways that the options are endless. I had so much fun playing around with them and I only made a very small dent in the set, so can't wait to try out all the other fabulous options too!   

Here are some examples of the fun I had with the Daily Fresh Blend photoshop actions by Bellevue Avenue. While most are sticking with my style, others are me stepping outside of that to try some new looks and experiment some. But these truly offer the option to do both and I definitely recommend them!

(below) Enrich | Luxe Rice, Fresh Tone | Amber Soak and Cafe Mocha 

(below) Primer | Everyday Clean, Transform | Soft Cotton,  Illuminate | Floating Light Creamy, Enrich | Luxe Rich

(below) Primer | Everyday Clean,  Enrich | Luxe Rich

(below) Everyday clean AND Rich Lavish

(below) Fresh Light and Sumptuous..the perfect boost! 

I kind of love this in black and white :) 

Everyday Clean and Illuminate | Overall Brighten..

 (below: the original in this set only has been processed witt my standard work flow, but I was curious to see the different looks I could get by adding the actions on top of that. I think my personal favorites are #4 and #6... what do ya'll think?) 

A little pop and color added with Easy Eye Sparkle, Sparkle White Teeth, Rich Lavish, 
Illuminate: Floating Light, Rosy Blush

Using Peach Blossom and Rasberry Tea from the Bellevue Avenue Daily Fresh Blend action set : 

I liked how this turns an everyday image that would probably get over-looked into a more emotive, lifestyle moment:

I've decided this sweet girl will look good in any tones or lighting, but these actions helped add
some color and depth to the image. AND I am officially obsessed with Illuminate: Sunbeams!

Now go get you some!  And thank you Bellevue Avenue :) 

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