Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Personal Projects and My Happy Place {Lisa Rappa Photography | Atlanta, Ga Family Photographer}

   So, I've been debating taking on more personal projects like a 365 or a 52 project where you stick with a theme, and have decided to stay with my attempt at my Daily (ish) Project through Clickin Moms and hopefully be a little more successful with this this year!

  I've never been great with keeping up a personal blog so my extra goal this year will be to post one blog post a month just for ME...whether it be a new technique or subject I want to try out, a personal post, etc.  I'm keeping it simple.

   I figured I'd kick this plan off with some photos I took on our recent December beach trip. This trip has become a tradition for the kids and I and this year was our 4th trip. My best friend joined us with her little boy this time, which made it even more special for us.

    It all started when my two were 1 and 2 years old and I was looking for a place that was as ON the sand as it possibly could be, because vacationing with a 1 and 2 year old has enough challenges without trekking back and forth to the beach.  I found the perfect place at Pirate Cove Villas and have loved it ever since! We discovered that December at the beach is much more enjoyable than I would have thought and so far the weather has been in the 60s and 70s, so we've been quite lucky. Everyday was overcast, but that actually makes it a little easier with kids and not needing to reapply sunscreen quite as often.
    After the busy fall photo season, I am always craving this time to focus on my loves and step away from the computer and my camera. Obviously it's impossible to not pick up the camera a few times when you are at such a beautiful place and of course my iphone got a lot of use too, but I keep my 5D Mark ii stored away the majority of the time and just take in the slow mornings and the beauty of the ocean as much as I can.

Here are some of the moments I couldn't resist capturing though! And I'm so glad my friend was there to take the camera and capture a few with me as well since I rarely step in front of the lens! I honestly rushed through completing these knowing I would never get to them if I waited, but they are for me and with my mommy goggles on, I sure do love them!

Our first morning...the sand is like snow, but without being wet and freezing. We LOVE it and footie pjs just make it even more fun.

 We took a dolphin tour with Sea Screamer Dolphin Cruise and I highly recommend them.  They shot canons,  got to drive the boat,  touch a jelly fish,  and got to see a lot of dolphins!

Our friends joined us a couple of days later and the kids were so excited to have their buddy there to get silly with!

So thankful for the pics below that my friend Gini took for me! 

"Aunt Gini" and her sweet boy: 

Playing with fire ;) 

And just because she put her red dress on and  felt like dancing...

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Anonymous said...

Great portfolio from your trip! Love seeing your family and photos! xo Hali