Saturday, November 13, 2010

Behind the Camera

    I always loved taking pictures and capturing memories when I was growing up. I was the teenager with a full photo album for every year (and a separate summer album for each one too, of course). Everything we did seemed worth documenting, and looking was! I love having those pictures to remind me of my youth, but also to show my kids when they get older too.
   Speaking of kids, I was born to work with them. I was a babysitter as soon as I was old enough, I nannied through college, and then became an elementary school teacher. I have found so much joy in being around children and teaching them, but also learning from them. As everyone says, they do keep you young at heart.
   Then, I had my own children and although I always knew I was going to love being a mom, I apparently had no idea just how much love my heart could hold. They are my everythings!
   So, now that I am  no longer teaching (in a professional sense), I have found the time to combine my two and kids.  And of course my poor kids have to put up with me thinking every little thing THEY do is worth documenting, but to me it IS and I like to think they will thank me when they're older.;)
   I give them breaks by focusing on photographing others now. This truly is my dream job!  I am a "people person" with a strong desire to take photographs that capture the personality and beauty of individuals, young and old. It's the little moments that matter the most. I look forward to sharing these moments with you.
    From the lyrics of one of my favorite David Gray songs, " a moment changes everything."

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