Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Website is Up and Running!

   I was telling someone today how once I set my mind to something, I take it on full force. I have always been that way. If I'm going to do something, I want to do it all the way and I want it to happen asap. This has definitely been the case with me and photography too. I am not sure if my husband was aware of just how quickly I would hit the ground running towards my photography dream when he gave me my camera. He opened up endless possibilities for me. Best birthday gift ever! Thanks Dean!
   I have been taking some time to research, research, and research some more. I have been putting a lot into deciding what kinds of packaging I want to use, ordering labels, typing up contracts and release forms, reading more tutorials and photography books, and constantly trying to learn everything I can about photography not only as an art, but as a business. It seems that with everything I figure out, a whole new list of questions is created. I have been lucky to have met a very nice and talented photographer friend, who has answered a lot of my annoying questions too. Thanks Megan!
   Anyhow, my point to all of this is to happily announce that I have completed putting together my official website! This blog will stay active of course, but you will also be able to link to it from my site. I am so excited to share it with those of you who have been so supportive! I hope you like it!
And here it is...    http://www.lisarappaphotography.com/    How cool is that? ;-)
For those of you who keep your volume up loud...just a warning, there is music!

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