Thursday, June 2, 2011

A "Session" With My Little Loves

     This weekend on Facebook I mentioned that I would share more of my kids' "birthday" photos. My little girl does not turn one until July 2nd, but since my little man was turning two and due to Memorial Day and his birthday being this weekend, I had only scheduled one session. And THAT meant that I would actually have time to do a "session" with my own kids. Yep- on my time off, I took pictures...big surprise right? ;)  But it was nice to get something other than my typical snapshots of our day to day activities.

     I decided at last minute where I wanted to do the photos. I have always loved the open field images I have seen and literally drove around that afternoon hoping to find a good spot. I called the farm owners when I discovered this local farm was closed for the season, and they did not mind us coming by that evening! The light and the setting were perfect. I think evening light is now my new favorite lighting, BUT working with toddlers in the evening can create a challenge as bedtime approaches and patience lessens. I'm up for that challenge though in exchange for awesome lighting, so keep that in mind when scheduling your session!

     The thing is, my kids are pretty much used to my tricks and also no longer impressed by mom's big camera. They have mastered the art of looking right past me as I am trying to get their attention so I have to get extra creative with them. Luckily, my husband was there to herd and entertain them and did so by running in circles, jumping jacks, you name it! My son, being 2, did not want much to do with photos and instead wanted to explore and hunt for tractors. Although I did not get a ton of individual shots of him, he was a trooper in the shots with his sister. I actually love his serious deep thought expressions too because those are just HIM. He's a lot silly boy and a lot deep thinker too! And later once we pulled the cake out they both came to life again!

    And here are just some of the images from the first half of our experience....


The Zookeeper said...

Ok so I love love love these! How fun! And the field is gorgeous! Ash's dress is adorable and D has such beautiful eyes! Ashlyn's teth re precious too! Can't wit to see the rest of the shots, especially the cake smashing! Way to go mama!

Beth said...

Soooooo adorable! Y'all really do make beautiful kids! :)