Saturday, December 10, 2011

H Family and 6 Month Session {Lisa Rappa Photography | Suwanee, Ga Photographer}

    Remember that cute cowgirl that slept on a saddle at 5 weeks old? Well, she is now 6 months old and one happy little lady! She was all smiles and you can tell already that she thinks the world of her mom and dad.
   I never thought I could get away with a sleepy basket shot with a 6 month old, but she decided mid-session to take a little snooze, so we just went with it!
   But anyhow. had a great session with this little gal and her family and since this could be my last session of the year (depending on when a certain baby girl makes her debut) I decided not to limit the peek :)


1 comment:

Rebecca Doyle Photography said...

She is so precious! I love the shot of her in her little Santa outfit, looking up at you.
And a 6 month old falling asleep in a basket .... I love it!