Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Mirror Mirror" (Just for Fun) {Lisa Rappa Photography, Georgia Photographer}

     You didn't think just because I got all caught up on my sessions I could actually stop taking pictures did ya? ;) I apparently will have to work on allowing myself to slow down a little after 2 months of holiday rush. But, I truly am so excited to have the week ahead to just relax and just enjoy time with my angels (and of course snap "some" photos of them too while I actually have time). So yes, I will be MIA for a week, but will be back around to respond to any questions or scheduling needs before long.

   Anyhow, with Christmas around the corner many of us photographers have been playing around with Christmas lights bokeh. I have some lights set aside to do this again, but I noticed my kids playing with our double sided mirror and decided I wanted to have some fun with this first. :) They had fun too, but I did get a kick out of the fact that after a little bit, Dominic said "no, I want to do flash light"...and not referring to A flashlight, but to my photography lighting equipment. I'm such a proud mom! :)

(What I like about this the most is that although it seems as if they are smiling at each other, they are mostly smiling at their own reflections.)

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