Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby W Six Months Old (Mostly) Studio Session {Lisa Rappa Photography| Woodstock, Ga Baby Photographer}

     We started off this session squeezing in some family shots and pictures with big sis on a not so pretty day. We haven't had too many pretty days this past week, so it has been really nice being able to do a few outdoor shots, but then heading inside for the baby shots where it's much drier and warmer! I've enjoyed the variety that this allows me to offer as well!

     Because he is on my 1 year plan, I like to think this baby boy and I have a little bond and that is why he is just so darn cute in front of the camera. But, I have to be honest with myself and although I know he gets a kick out of my silliness behind the camera- I really think he just enjoys being in front of it! There is no shyness or holding back of smiles when it comes to this little guy! I think mom and dad have a little ham on their hands :)


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