Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sweet Simon's Newborn Session {Lisa Rappa Photography | Woodstock, Ga Baby Photographer}

    One word to describe this newborn? Chill. I can't tell you if he is always that way, but on the morning of our session he couldn't have been more calm. He stayed awake for the first half, but was content as can be. I think the entire session he made one "eh" sound and that was as close to crying as he got. This sweet boy belongs to a neighbor and friend of mine, so I'm thrilled that I'll get to see him grow up! So happy for you guys and hope he continues to take it easy on ya! He's adorable like his big bro!

 (I love this family moment)

                                                                                        (click on images to view full size)

 They say boys don't have a lot of picture prop options, but when your mom is really talented you get a really cool hat and baby nest like these (she's been holding out on me..haha!)

               Super cute bloomers/knit shorts by Babies Republic

    Adorable blue hat by Happy Baby Crochet

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Rebecca Doyle Photography said...

Such gorgeous shots Lisa! This little guy has some great facial expressions in his sleepy photos. And oooh... prop goodness :)