Monday, March 19, 2012

Ross-Covey Engagement Session Sneak Peek {Lisa Rappa Photography | Atlanta, Ga Photographer}

   When I arrived at this couple's session I planned on scoping out the location and good lighting spots, but out of nowhere some really dark clouds came in and then a storm hit with hail and heavy downpour. I panicked for a minute b/c they were in town from Florida visiting w/family and so I knew rescheduling would not be too easy. I called them and we decided to wait it out and luckily minutes after they arrived the sun came out! At the risk of sounding really cheesy, I joked that they brought the sun with them from Florida. And surprisingly, in spite of the major puddles we ended up with awesome scenery and great light! This couple (and their boxer who was not so sure about his "mom and dad" climbing in windows) was so nice and easy to work with (I guess true love is hard to hide) and I am so thrilled to get to visit them next time in Florida for their big day!

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