Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kyleigh's 1 Year Old Session Sneak Peek {Lisa Rappa Photography | Acworth, Ga Baby Photographer}

   Sweet baby girl Kyleigh is the granddaughter of a friend of mine and is beautiful just like her mom and grandma! And seriously- her eyes are truly THAT blue. I absolutely adored her personality. I think it's cute when little ones are selective with their smiles and she was not about to give hers up too easily at the beginning (yet, I must add she did not cry once the entire session.) I believe she just knew what I was trying to do and wanted to make sure I earned them first :) And before long, after bringing out some ABC blocks and singing some songs she was flashing the sweet grins eagerly and blowing us lots of kisses.
   Many of you know my peeks are rarely small, so when I have a one year old session that results in 4 cute outfit changes, priceless expressions, and a cake smash, I have an even harder time limiting here is a not so little peek from Miss Kyleigh's 1 year old session.

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Just chillin' 

"Dancing" while waiting for cake :)

Too much of a good thing! ;)

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