Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Chick! {Lisa Rappa Photography | Georgia Photographer}

    After a few recent attempts for photos of my favorite, yet most challenging "model", I was pretty surprised that this evening's attempt went as well as it did. I really thought I would just take her down to the pond, try to get some quick shots of her in this absolutely fabulous Easter chick hat by Hippity Hoot Notions, and then figured she'd want to take it off and get fussy since we were nearing bedtime after a very busy day.
   But... I have to say she surprised me and although she did keep me running, she had so much fun and would even stop to laugh at me every so often without giving me her typical pout at the camera face (which I do so love of course). I don't think the geese knew what to think about this crazy chick running at them either!
   I had taken her out for some girl's only/mommy-daughter time this evening. Yes- I took my 21 month old to get a pedicure with me (probably won't try this again until age 3- but still pretty entertaining "wow Mommy, toes!"), and then we went to have sushi (she ate hibachi, no raw stuff) together.  We had a fun morning too, so I think my "Sassy" was feeling on top of the world tonight. Either way- she sure is the cutest chick I know, if I do say so myself, and after seeing her little legs running (around the entire pond I might add), I think she may be rocking the white onesies and Hippity Hoot Notions hat look more often!

This is what she did as she called, "Come here quack quacks!"  ;)

This is not how she runs- but it IS apparently how she walks when dramatically walking slow when asked to slow down. Cracks me up!

And back to running..

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The Zookeeper said...

Oh, Lisa, some of your best! She is darling of course! I love the first one where she looks like she is climbing out of the photo! How perfect for an organic blooms frame!?!? What a spunky little "chick" you have, and your day together sounds lovely! I am looking forward to the mommy-daughter outings too!!!!! Can't wait to see you next month for my maternity mini!!!