Monday, June 25, 2012

Georgi's 16 Month Old Session Peek {Lisa Rappa Photography | Roswell, Georgia Toddler Portrait Photographer}

  Sweet Georgi has developed quite a little personality since I saw her last and I adore it! She ran the show for this session and kept it fun, making sure we pulled out all the stops..rocking horses, bubbles, and balls. I love her spunk b/c it reminds me of my daughter and I really do enjoy keeping up with kiddos this age :) So great to see you again Becker family and thanks for a fun morning! 

Mimicking me :)

This was that toddler moment when a little tantrum turns in to squeals of joy! I really do love the intensity of toddlerhood :) Nothing wrong with a little show of emotion every now and then!

Planning her escape :)

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