Thursday, August 2, 2012

Catching Up {Lisa Rappa Photography | My Life}

   I realized the other day it's been quite some time since I have typed up a blog post for the "my life" section. I also realize not everyone probably cares to know much about my life (can't imagine why not! ha ha), but at the same time it is what drives my passion and these very amazing little souls are not only my inspiration and my regular practice models, but they have gone through this whole crazy adventure (of life and photography) with me.
    Before photography I actually blogged solely about them and for them. My now three year old has a whole book on the first year of his life. It stopped there. My 2 year old's baby book is not even complete :( and I have decided she deserves more, so I hope to fill in some blanks and make up for it by posting on here every so often (but not too much, don't worry). Whether through pictures or words I'll be sharing a little more about me, them, our fun and our craziness.
      (Above: The only 2 shots I got with my "real" camera of my two on our Hilton Head trip--the rest of the time was spent making sure they didn't try jumping off the pier and I gave up ;) It was more fun chasing them anyhow.)  

  Here's a quick little update on the personal front:
    In May, went through a move and some big life changes. Won't bore you with the details, but I'm an open book, so ask away if you want when ya see me. What I was going to take as some downtime then turned into some of my busiest business months yet and for that I feel very blessed. Then decided to squeeze a little "vacation" to Rincon (near Savannah) and Hilton Head w/ my babies. And although it was not a long vacation, it's amazing what a three day trip can do for your spirits. Running away to good friends not only gave my eyes and mind a break, but some much needed quality time with my little loves. Now it's back to life and I am ok with that. I get to spend much of my time doing a job that I love and/or hanging w/ the sweetest little people I know who will be going to school a couple of days a week soon, enrolling back in gymnastics, and as always keeping me on my toes.
And that's the short of it!

Some pics from our impromptu photo shoot/dance party the other night...I think they may hold their own better in a Zumba class than I do ;)

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Rebecca Doyle Photography said...

I for one am happy to catch up on all you have been up to and those two crazy cuties! If only we lived closer.... would love to let them run around with little Miss Tara whilst we had a coffee or two :)
Hope all is okay with you?
Looooove this photo session :)