Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall Magic {Lisa Rappa Photography | Personal Post} Woodstock, Ga

   So, I totally have slacked on the personal posts. I keep saying I am going to get better about photographing my two loves (my camera phone pics don't really count in my opinion). Honestly, I have been keeping so busy that the last thing I want to do many times is hide behind the camera when I'm with them. I'd much rather be snuggling and playing with them and I have been trying to make sure I do that as often as possible. But of course, the combo of my munchkins, great weather, evening light, and a whole bunch of leaves basically makes pulling out the camera impossible to resist. So, pretty much had to take a few shots just for me. 
    Long story short...loved watching my kiddos play in the leaves and hopefully our allergies won't be too awful for it later. If so, I think we'd all say it was worth it! :)

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Rebecca Doyle Photography said...

LOVE each and every shot!! You really captured the joy & fun :)