Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tayden's Going to be a Big Sister Soon! {Lisa Rappa Photography | Woodstock, Ga Baby Photographer}

      This pretty momma and I started off our teaching careers at the same elementary school and later became pregnant IHOP pancake eating buddies when I was pregnant with my 2nd and she was expecting her sweet girl Tayden. Tayden was actually one of the very first infants I ever photographed. I think she was about 3 months old and it was when I was in the "portfolio" building stage of my photography career so although she was super cute, I probably won't be sharing those in this post, ha ha. It's been over two years since then and it is so cool to now get to photograph my beautiful friend and her lovely family of three before they welcome their 4th family member, a baby boy in April! It is always a treat to work with Tayden too. She is such a happy little girl and always a trooper. Even at this session in 40-something degree weather she was all smiles and fun! She's going to be such a wonderful big sis! (So happy for you guys!!)

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Diane NANA said...

Lisa You know what I think, tears running down my face, I love all your pictures. You make true beauty. I must say I am so excited to see our new baby, My little angel Tayden gonna be a great big sister. Hehe this Nana did notice that she has her pink fingernails she asked me to paint. Love ya gal. Great and wonderful pictures as always...