Saturday, June 1, 2013

2013 CM Blog Circle: "Beautiful Ugly" {Lisa Rappa Photography| Atlanta, Ga Portrait Photographer}

    Our Clickin Moms blog circle continues this month w/the theme "Beautiful Ugly." I love this idea b/c photography has truly taught me how to see the beauty in almost everything. If you get bitten by the photography bug you will soon learn that it's hard to not always feel like you are looking at the world through a camera. 

   But in the end beauty really is in the eye of the beholder anyhow. You may not even see my captures for this theme as beautiful, but I hope you see what I mean. 

  I didn't get too original, but focused on the overgrowth of plants mixed with weeds in our yard. The mix of the dying plants with the weeds that are creeping in from a distance is something that doesn't look so great as whole  (time to fix this part of my yard!). And some of the plants aren't what you would immediately think of as beautiful, but when you look closer you realize there is some beauty in there. Hopefully I captured that ok in my hurry while my son (in is pjs) and I walked around looking for "ugly" as the deadline was approaching for this month ;) 

Beautiful Ugly
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Cary said...

Great images here , I love the bokeh in the last one :)

Anonymous said...

These are just creamy and sweet! You made these look gorgeous!

Amanda said...

Wow - I love the colors. These are stunning

Andrea Heffernan said...

Dead flowers were my first subject, too! Great job!

Ashley Carlon said...

Beautiful tones and I love the shallow DOF! Beautiful job!!

Holly Thompson said...

Lisa, these are so pretty! You did a great job making ugly weeds look beautiful. Great selective focus and color too. Well done!