Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sofia's 9 Year Old Session Peek {Lisa Rappa Photography| Marietta, Ga Child Photographer}

     From what I remember, age 9 was a pretty great age to be. No "big" stresses, no teenage angst just yet...just a time to enjoy life and have fun. At age 9,  Sofia is definitely a happy young lady and not yet too embarrassed in front of the camera to show how much she loves her parents either. It was so nice working with her again and getting to capture her big brown eyes and pretty smile. I love working with kids b/c they remind me to not take life too seriously and with her silly faces and cheerful spirit she did just that!

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We realized while doing pictures with their age 9 and 11 shirts that they made 9-1-1, so they had a little fun with this ;)

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