Wednesday, August 14, 2013

William's 1 Year Old Session Peek {Lisa Rappa Photography | Roswell, Ga Baby Photographer}

    One of my favorite little families to work with, a new beautiful place to shoot at, and a cake smash...good times in my book! :) It really feels like yesterday that I did Willie's newborn session. I remember it so clearly b/c we actually did the whole thing in his front yard and he stayed nice and sleepy the whole time. 
      At age 1 he is still so calm and sweet. I showed up a tad early to his session at his grandparents' house and although he was about to have his breakfast, he and his parents didn't mind when I saw this beautiful haze and sun flare coming over the river and HAD to take them out right  then and there. That's the fun thing about regular clients...they know that you're not just crazy when you insist on stuff like this ;)  The light changed quickly, but I was glad we got to "play" with it some and then move on to focus on Willie's sweet smiles and some cake eating! He was such a good sport and I loved getting to see him again! Happy early birthday William! 

Cake time!!

hmmm, not so bad ;) 

Oops ;) 

 "Bye bye!"

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