Thursday, July 19, 2012

Baby Will is Turning 1! {Lisa Rappa Photography | Cumming, Ga Baby Photographer}

    Oh baby Will, I have so enjoyed working with you and your family this past year! I met your mommy and daddy before you were born for a maternity session and have seen you 7 times since then for your sessions and other special occasions!! What a lucky photographer I am!
    I do get a little attached to my one year babies. How can I not when I get to spend hours with them flashing sweet smiles my way and baby Will has always been quite the little camera ham ;) This last morning that we met I do think he had a nap on his mind and it was very bright and HOT, so he held back the super big grins, but there was definitely some Will charm shining through, of course. Cake? He didn't seem to be a huge fan, but he did seem amused by the whole idea of it and his mommy and I acting kind of crazy ;)  Will is one truly sweet boy and it has been SO much fun working with him..every time!

(Images can be viewed at full size, in slideshow mode by clicking on them. Clients, if you would like a watermarked image for use on Facebook, please email me and I will send you one. Do NOT copy them from this blog as the quality will not be the same. I also ask that they are not cropped or edited in any way. Thanks! All images are copyright property of Lisa Rappa Photography) was a bit sunny, but I couldn't resist this b/c I loved the pop of colors!

 He was not excited about the grass touching his feet, but I thought his reaction was pretty darn cute.

 A little mom moment.... :)

He went in for kisses- so sweet!

Just hanging around ...

Oh that's sweet!

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Susan Weaver said...

I love the pictures, Lisa! You do such a wonderful job with Will and his family!
Will's Nonna