Thursday, September 27, 2012

Carter's Newborn Session Peek {Lisa Rappa Photography | Alpharetta, Ga Baby Photographer}

      I wasn't planning to meet this little guy till October 6th, but he decided to make his debut a little bit early, so I got the pleasure of meeting him at 11 days old on Monday! I can tell he must have been ready to come out because this adorable boy is strong! He was sneaking those hands and feet out whenever he had a chance :) He definitely seems right at home and is very much loved by his parents (of course) and very well guarded by his two "guard dogs."  Carter was so sweet to work with. He was pretty aware that I was there and probably enjoyed some picture-free sleep time after I left, but he was very patient and when it takes a little extra consoling to get them completely restful, it just means more baby holding for me, so I didn't mind a bit! It was also a much colder morning than it has been, so we did more inside shots than I have been doing recently and I was reminded of how much I love the indoor lifestyle stuff! Can't wait for more babies this Fall! I of course couldn't resist sticking him in his pretty baskets in his room too, but it was fun just getting to capture him in his home. 

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