Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2 Year Old "Little Charmer" Session Peek {Lisa Rappa Photography | Child Photographer } Woodstock, Ga

That's it...I've made up my mind. This little guy, Logan, is the toddler I have chosen to be my daughter Ashlyn's future husband. Is that cool with you Lisa and James? I promise to have her tantrums more under control by then and she's really only a few months older ;) 

Here are the reasons I have made this choice:

a.- He is a ham for the camera- so of course won me over immediately...he could probably teach her a thing or two about this. 
b.- At almost 2 years old and for an evening session, he never fussed, once. Just complete sweetness.
c.- He is absolutely CUTE w/ his heartbreaker smiles
d.- We go way back now that I've worked with him twice and I feel that I can safely predict he's gonna be a pretty good guy all around
e.- His mom and I were friends all the way back in elementary school and we are both named Lisa. Gotta count for something right? 

And there you have it. But seriously this kid had me smiling the whole session. His sweet parents, gorgeous light and great field and pumpkins location didn't hurt things either!  :) Can't wait to get the rest to you guys! 

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I love sneaking in pics of just mom and dad when they'll let me too :) 

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