Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lydia is Two Years Old (Session Peek) {Lisa Rappa Photography | Woodstock, Ga Baby Photographer}

   I've been friends w/ her momma since high school and for that reason, I immediately had some love for this sweet girl when I photographed her as a newborn. But since I have worked with her several times since then and also have had some play dates with her, I have to say Lydia has won me over all on her own. 
    I was really looking forward to getting to capture her sweet spirit and precious expressions again as she turns two. She is just truly as sweet as she looks and has a fabulous little sense of humor. Yes, she now knows what she wants and what she will and won't put up with (that's the whole fun of being two after all), but I can honestly say Lydia is an easy little lady to work with. 
   I enjoyed watching her explore on this bright sunny morning at the Beautiful Hills Creek...She stepped right on into the cold creek water by choice, then looked up at us, as if to ask why am I doing this? And although I'm not sure if she was even sure what she thought about it, she decided to smile and go with the flow (no pun intended ;)).  With some dancing, jumping jacks, bench lifting, and tree hugging (her idea), we had a fun time.  She's a cutie and I hope she had a wonderful birthday today! 

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Just bein' silly ;)

She asked to give the tree a hug...<3

Why pose like a princess when you could be doing jumping jacks instead?


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