Friday, May 17, 2013

Mommy and Me Session {Lisa Rappa Photography | Atlanta, Ga Baby Photographer}

       I've worked with these adorable kiddos several times and it's always a fun time when I do b/c they are both pretty used to me and my camera and have such contagious smiles. 9 month old baby girl Lander was hamming it up from the beginning of the session...looking right at me and flashing her big grins. She even showed off some of her skills and looks like she'll be off and running in no time. 3 year old Jack is always so good to me and he is definitely his momma's boy and eager to show her some love. I loved that mom stepped in front of the camera a little more for this Mommy and Me session though too. She looked beautiful. She's an amazing mom and it is obvious her kids think so too! 

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